DeAngelis Martial Arts Hershey  2017  
Call 717-612-2595  E-mail
We are located at the Hershey Recreation Center 605 Cocoa Ave. Hershey Pa. 17033
Beginners Welcome!
LIL DRAGONS   Ages 3 – 5 Children will learn
martial arts in this ongoing class; parents
must stay but do not need to participate. This
class is for children who are ready to go at it
alone in a class setting. Parents will be close
by for support if needed. Children will learn
many martial arts skills in this fun filled
setting. Sensei Jan DeAngelis is an Agent for
the Security Alliance Kid’s Safe Network.  

Wednesdays 5:30 – 6:15 pm
Friday 5:30-6:15 pm
Sun 3:30-4:15pm
New Time

Deadline to Sign-up is the first of the session.
Mem $30        Res $35      Non-Res $40  
Hershey Recreation Center Gym
Not Granada Ave. Gym

Please do not purchase a uniform before the
first class.
Beginners Welcome!!
Ages 5–7
This class is for our younger students
who are ready for kata, sparring, one
steps, tournament skills, and more. Our
advanced tigers will work side by side
with the Dragons class. The class will
be a half hour less than the Dragons
class, but will be filled
with advanced skills for your young
martial artist. This is a transitional class,
with a Karate Tigers prerequisite.
Please discuss your enrollment into the
Advanced Tigers class with your
instructor prior to enrollment. This class
will follow the Karate Dragons schedule
and children may participate for the
entire Dragons class if they wish.
6:15–7:30 pm

6:15–7:30 pm

5:00–6:15 pm

1 Class Per Week (4 classes/session)
Mem $32 Res $37 Non-Res $42

2 Classes Per Week (8 classes/session)
Mem $45 Res $50 Non-Res $55
Hershey Recreation Center Gym
Not Granada Ave. Gym

3 Classes Per Week same as Dragons
Beginners and Families
Ages 8+  Adult
Families are welcome. Classes consist
of traditional martial arts, Moo Duk Kwan
Tang Soo Do, sparring, one-steps, kata,
self defense, endurance & strength
training. DAMA provides a full martial
arts curriculum. DAMA was awarded
School of the Year 2011 by the WKU
Hall of Honors,  2013 Excellence in
Teaching, 2014 Promotion of the
Martial Arts , 2015 Golden Lifetime
Achievement, 2015, Good Will
Ambassador Award from the Action
Martial Arts Magazine. Hall of Honors

6:15-8:00 pm

6:15-8:00 pm

5:00-6:45 pm

1 Class Per Week
(4 classes/session)
Mem $35 Res $38 Non-Res $40
* Jr. Black Belt $25

2 Classes Per Week
(8 classes/session)
Mem $50 Res $54.50 Non-Res $57.50

3 Classes Per Week  
Must sign up for 2 classes per week!
If you sign up for 2 classes per week you
may participate in 3 classes per week
however if the 3rd is cancelled or not in
session, or you can not make it,  there is
no make up for the 3rd class
Hershey Recreation Center Gym
Ages 8+
this class to learn a new weapon or
hone in on your weapons skills for
kata, tournament or just for fun. The
weapons showcased for this class
are fans, bo, sai, and nunchucks. If
you are interested in another
weapon please contact Sensei Jan
or Sensei Bob to see if you may
bring it to class.
Advanced Tigers may participate.
This class follows Dragons Class.
All $15 (once a wk 4 wk session)
Follows Dragon Schedule
Wed, Fri, 8-8:45 Sun, 6:45-7:30  
If you need any info on classes, please contact the
instructors at or phone:
Ages 8+
Whether you are a full contact
kickboxer or a beginner cardio
kickboxer this class is for you.

Our class curriculum consists of
strength and endurance training,
Battling Ropes, weights, Kettle
Bells, along with kick
-boxing drills,
hand drills, and more.

Sundays 6:45-7:30 pm

1 Class Per Week
(4 classes/session)
$15  per person
KARATE TIGERS Level 1 (Ongoing)
Beginners Welcome!!
KARATE TIGERS Ages 5 – 7 These classes
consist of child safety instruction, self-
defense, and traditional martial arts, along
with fun non-traditional training methods.  
Jan and Bob believe that children learn
best while having fun.  Deadline to sign up
is the first class of the session.  No
Wednesdays 5:30 – 6:15 pm
Friday 5:30-6:15 pm
Sundays  3:30– 4:15 pm

1 Class Per Week (4 classes/session)
Mem $30    Res $35   Non-Res $40  
2 Classes Per Week (8 classes/session)
Mem $45   Res $50   Non-Res $55  
Hershey Recreation Center Gym
Private Classes:
Great for students who wish to
improve their kata, tournament and
weapons skills.  Great for one on one
or group self defense lessons.

Individual-per hour/per person
Current Students $45
Res. $50,  Non Res. $55

Semi Private 2 people per hour
Current Students $60
Res. $65,  Non Res. $70

Group- up to 5 people per hour/per
Current students $30
Res. $35, Non-Res. $40
DeAngelis Martial Arts of
Hershey Winter
-Spring Ongoing
Class Schedule:
Deadline to sign up for classes is the first
class of the session.

Wed. Session Dates:
(No class Dec. 27  no make up)

Jan. 3-31 (no class Jan. 24)
Feb 7-28
March 7-April 4( no class 28)
April 11-May 2
May 9-May 30( Tentative no class
23 make up on alt day)

Fri . Session Dates:
No class Dec. 29 No make up  

Jan. 5– Feb. 2 ( no class Jan 26)
Feb 9-Mar 2
March 9-April 6( no class 30)
April 13-May 4
May 11-June 1

Sun. Session Dates:
( no class Dec. 24 & 31 No Makeup) Yes
we have class on Nov. 26th !

Jan 7-Feb. 4 (No class Jan 28 no make
up) (no class Feb 4 make up on alt day. )
Feb 11-Mar 4
March 11-April 8(no class April 1)
April 15-May 6 (no class May 6
make up on alt day)
May 13-June 3

Tentative 2018 Dates  (After March)
These dates may be changed
Feb. 4th Super Bowl Class not in Session,
It is the End of the session please make
up on Alt Date.
March 28, 30 and April 1 Class not in
May 6 class is not in session due to
Synchro Show please make up on Alt
Wed. May 23 Tentative Class is not in
session make up on alt day.
Ages 5 –7
This class is for students who have
achieved their  belts from yellow belt
white stripe on up.  You must  contact
the head instructor to enroll in this
Ongoing Class
Sundays Only 4:15 -5:00 pm
1 Class Per Week (4 classes/session)
Mem $30 Res $35 Non Res $40
Hershey Recreation Center Gym
For Female Self Defense Classes,
for groups and organizations; please
contact our
DeAngelis Martial Arts
Lady Dragons Association

Contact us for your next camp, lunch
in or business event.
New!  Family Karate Time
Children  (5-9 yrs.) with Adult
$35 dollars per parent,
$35 per child
(1 adult per child )
All participants must be enrolled  all adults
must be enrolled
Thurs: 5:30-6:15 pm (Thurs. Only)
(1 class per week 4 classes/ session)  
Location: Hershey Recreation Center 605  
Cocoa Ave. Hershey Pa. 17033
Spring session:
April 5, 12, 19, 26
May 3, 10, 17, 24

Parent and child can start a life long journey
through the martial arts together!
 We  will
work o
n balance,concentration,coordination
& martial arts skills.  We will go over simple
self defense skills for children and adults as
This is  a workout for both child and
Please wear workout clothing and
bring a water bottle.