DeAngelis Martial Arts Locations:
Hershey DeAngelis Martial Arts: Derry Township Parks and Recreation,605 Cocoa Ave. Hershey Pa. Call:  717-612-2595

West Hanover DeAngelis Martial Arts Location:  
628 Walnut Ave. Harrisburg PA. Old West Hanover Fire Co.  Call: 717-307-5552
DeAngelis Martial Arts schools located in Hershey, Hummelstown, Harrisburg, Palmyra PA. Area, offering ongoing Martial Arts & Karate classes
for preschool through adult. and The Battle in Hershey Martial Arts Tournament in Hershey Pennsylvania
Beginners and Families Welcome! Pre-school Classes Available! Youth Classes Available! Adult Classes Available!Self Defense
Classes Available! Come Find Your Power! Cal
l  717-612-2595 or email us at or visit us on Facebook!
Martial Arts in Chocolate Town Park
July 7 and 14 from 10-11 am
Workout with us for free! Enjoy martial arts
summer fun!! Free come join the workout!
Families Welcome!!